Historical residence of the Cavazza family. A precious casket full of history, memories and legends which can become yours by going on a guided tour with boat transfer every Tuesday leaving from the port of Portese at 9.45 a.m./p>


Mount Comer (1279 mt.) is part of the mountain range of the Gardesano hinterland; due to its location its peak overlooks the lake like a balcony.


Like all of the Lake Garda high land (Alto Garda Bresciano) the hinterland of Tignale is characterized by extreme diversities and rich landscapes: it goes from the Mediterranean are of Port of Tignale and Odlesio right up to the vast mainly mountainous hinterland at a height of 1600 metres with Alpine and sub-Alpine views. It is crossed by numerous pedestrian and cycle paths which are shown on the Park maps and there are also numerous relics from the First World War (trenches, pathways, tunnels) which are often in extremely panoramic areas.


Mount Tombea is a mountain in the Gardesana Brescian Prealps in Gargnano and is 1976 mt. high. Along the crest and including the Val Vestino (which passed from Trentino to Lombardy in 1934) is the border between the two regions. It was once the border between Italy and Austria but was overcome by the troops of Garibaldi in the 1866 campaign concluding in the battle of Bezzecca and the telegramme “I obey”. The border was passed definitely when Italy entered the First World War in 1915.